If the eyes are the window to the soul then why are so many people letting the violence peek in... Shut the blinds! We tend to watch certain things as a form of entertainment thinking we are not being affected by what was seen...Honestly!

Think about the negative thoughts that derive from the things you may have watched. Many times we watch a movie, show, hear music go to sleep and then experience a dream that had something to do with what was seen or heard. Yes we have to guard what we listen to as well!

People who read or listen to motivational things are always working to move forward in life, they always have positive words or knowledge to spread and usually will be found sharing encouragement. Those people spread light because that is what they choose to read or watch.

What is in you will come out! If you do not like what comes out, fill yourself with light, that is what you will reflect!

Life happens... I am sure you have heard THAT before, right. What if something that just seems horrible happens to you, are you one to say... WHY ME? What if... you CHOSE to change your perspective on your situation and instead said I can't wait to see the GREAT things that are coming out of this. IMAGINE what that one little change would mean for your situation or the outcome of that same situation that you stated WHY ME?

We can make a difference not just in our lives but in the lives of those who are watching us; whether they are your children or just individuals who may look up to us.

I recall one day a dish being broken by one of my children in the kitchen, I remember thinking okay... THIS happened for a reason, I don't know WHY but I am sure there is a reason. Well this example as simple as it is there was a reason....While I was cleaning I noticed that there was a brown recluse sitting peacefully between a little shelf and the wall near the kitchen. I would not have seen that had I not needed to clean the shattered dish. I COULD have gotten upset and started fussing and moaning and complaining but WHAT do you learn from all the noise...you release negativity, endorphins (the good feeling hormones, for sake of simplicity) are not released and you just have others the children feeling horrible. Your bad example causes your children to repeat that behavior.

LET'S CHANGE our perspective and keep the momentum by being good examples for future generations.

When we are young, we have GREAT imaginative abilities. We envision ourselves driving cars...YES you did, you either sat on a couch, chair , in the back seat of the car (in my days front seat without a seat belt) or even played with your toy Camaro or whatever. The fact is you imagined it! Ladies some of us saw ourselves as little moms or played with our Barbie dolls combing hair and sharing gossip... I mean talking. Some of us played Firefighters with the hat and the water hose, behaved as if we were librarians, or out shopping, played doctor.. carrying the little bag with the plastic stethoscope and examined friends and family members or even played daddy and mommy or you may have acted like you were married, hugging or kissing your pillow imagining it was your spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend....RIGHT!

Well whatever it was we imagined having it and some of us may have acquired those things. When did all that change? Many will say we grew up or life happened. Well get back to imagining! Why? Because you will have what you want. Well that is just foolish...is it?Look at all of those who see themselves having great things...and never stopped imagining a lot them have it! How did you think Bill Gates, Donald Trump's even further of back...Henry Ford,Thomas Edison, Rockefeller, the Wright Brothers, of the world got where they were/are they SAW themselves there. They did not allow others to kill their dream. We ALL have greatness inside of us, pick up your goals and dream. Sit down and imagine having what you want again, it will feel silly at first but don't stop adopt that pit bull faith...DON'T LET GO until you get it!

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