I see this fulfilled everyday. We have been taught we cannot do certain things because they are impossible. Do you believe that? What if we were NEVER told that? Imagine what we would accomplish, without having to reprogram ourselves? What have you been training yourself, your loved ones? Do we get lazy and find it's easier to just say I can't, it cannot be done and then just pout away.... Have you TRIED? Robert Kiyosaki mentions replacing I can't with "How Can I?"in Rich Dad Poor Dad which does not put finality to your decision or situation; it causes you to focus on finding a way to get what you want DONE without shutting your desire or goal down.

Look at Children, when they want something they will tell you, I want, whatever it may be, go get it for me. This innocents we excuse as they are just children they do not understand. But I think they have the right attitude the right umph,drive, will, and determination; let's get it! Yes it may look bleak but remember it CAN be done IF you have the WILL! Ask yourself... How bad do I want it?


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