It's great to receive things but are you grateful for little things as well as the larger things? Many times we feel like someone owes us something or we deserve it...NOT! BE GRATEFUL for all things great and small. If we remain grateful, more positive things will occur our perception will become more positive.

Remember change is a conscious decision and consciously being thankful and grateful with the feelings attached to your words and actions will cause more blessings to be released into your life.

I am not saying it is easy initially, it is a decision you will have to make...make it there is nothing to lose except the negative, ungrateful behavior you may have had before. You will be surprised the relief you will experience and the joy you will spread to others.


  1. Fruitful Vine2  

    Hi Keren,
    So true. When we are thankful life is filled with joy.

    Thank you for following Our Fruitful Vine. I've added your blogs to the followers blogroll. Let me know if there are any additions or changes to be made.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Keren  

    Thank you Jennifer. That was very sweet of you!

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