I was watching the Olympics and I noticed the one thing that makes Olympians who they are, they get back up...well most of them did. We all make mistakes in life, we are human, we are NOT perfect...but why wallow in the mess? Okay so you made a mistake, don't dwell or dawdle in it. We are not pigs! Okay you fell don't roll in the mud and play in it with the whoa is me mentality. It's okay to feel bad but DON'T STAY THERE! Get back on track, you know what you want to accomplish, get up dust yourself off, get yourself picture perfect and surge forward. Sometimes our set back, or our fall can be used to propel us forward because we LEARN from that mistake, that mishap. There is a song by Donnie McClurkin that says we fall down but we get up... I really like that song, in it they say GET BACK UP AGAIN...It's NEVER TOO LATE!
It is not too late envision yourself flying above that situation and circumstance and not too long after you will be.

Julia Mancuso, one of the medalists for skiing stated that as a child, she drew pictures of herself in the Olympics winning 4 Gold medals in skiing. Well... She is half way there! I am sure she fell many times during practice between then and now; she may have even become frustrated but she had her mind set with her goal in mind. The key is NEVER GIVING UP and when you fall GET UP!


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