When we are young, we have GREAT imaginative abilities. We envision ourselves driving cars...YES you did, you either sat on a couch, chair , in the back seat of the car (in my days front seat without a seat belt) or even played with your toy Camaro or whatever. The fact is you imagined it! Ladies some of us saw ourselves as little moms or played with our Barbie dolls combing hair and sharing gossip... I mean talking. Some of us played Firefighters with the hat and the water hose, behaved as if we were librarians, or out shopping, played doctor.. carrying the little bag with the plastic stethoscope and examined friends and family members or even played daddy and mommy or you may have acted like you were married, hugging or kissing your pillow imagining it was your spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend....RIGHT!

Well whatever it was we imagined having it and some of us may have acquired those things. When did all that change? Many will say we grew up or life happened. Well get back to imagining! Why? Because you will have what you want. Well that is just foolish...is it?Look at all of those who see themselves having great things...and never stopped imagining a lot them have it! How did you think Bill Gates, Donald Trump's even further of back...Henry Ford,Thomas Edison, Rockefeller, the Wright Brothers, of the world got where they were/are they SAW themselves there. They did not allow others to kill their dream. We ALL have greatness inside of us, pick up your goals and dream. Sit down and imagine having what you want again, it will feel silly at first but don't stop adopt that pit bull faith...DON'T LET GO until you get it!


  1. Serene is my name, not my life!  

    My dad use to always say, "whatever man can conceive, he can achieve".
    So you're right, we should never give up!

    P.S. After reading your bio I just have to say that I was homeschooled and my brother is a Jag lawyer!

  2. Keren  

    Hey Serene! I love that quote, it is one that I have saved as my favorite. Your dad was right. Thank you for your comment

  3. Heather  

    Serene I love all of your positive thoughts . I definitely needed to read that today!!

  4. Keren  

    Thank you Heather for stopping by.

  5. WandySue  

    I love your blog, thanks for the inspirations.

    I am following you now.


  6. Keren  

    Thanks Wendy Sue! I love knowing that my blog is an inspiration. I will check out your blogs as well:)

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