Life happens... I am sure you have heard THAT before, right. What if something that just seems horrible happens to you, are you one to say... WHY ME? What if... you CHOSE to change your perspective on your situation and instead said I can't wait to see the GREAT things that are coming out of this. IMAGINE what that one little change would mean for your situation or the outcome of that same situation that you stated WHY ME?

We can make a difference not just in our lives but in the lives of those who are watching us; whether they are your children or just individuals who may look up to us.

I recall one day a dish being broken by one of my children in the kitchen, I remember thinking okay... THIS happened for a reason, I don't know WHY but I am sure there is a reason. Well this example as simple as it is there was a reason....While I was cleaning I noticed that there was a brown recluse sitting peacefully between a little shelf and the wall near the kitchen. I would not have seen that had I not needed to clean the shattered dish. I COULD have gotten upset and started fussing and moaning and complaining but WHAT do you learn from all the release negativity, endorphins (the good feeling hormones, for sake of simplicity) are not released and you just have others the children feeling horrible. Your bad example causes your children to repeat that behavior.

LET'S CHANGE our perspective and keep the momentum by being good examples for future generations.


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